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How to choose best videographer for wedding videography

Without a doubt, your wedding day is not an ordinary day. And if it has finally arrived you are probably assaulted with a lot of doubts and have to prepare a thousand things. And among them will be the choice of the videographer who will immortalize the link, a task that undoubtedly has great importance considering that in your hands it will be that everything is well immortalized for the rest of your life.

That’s why, of course, before hiring a videographer for your wedding you have to weigh enough things to make sure you’re making the right choice. Something that we will try to help you with a series of tips and recommendations to choose wisely the most suitable videographer for your link. Here we videographers

Choose your style well

The first thing is to be very clear, or at least an idea, of how you want your wedding videography to be; I mean, what look you want the report to have. A topic that we have been dealing with for a long time and in which we can on the whole differentiate between three styles: the usual “of a lifetime”, another of an creative type, close to fashion videographer, and a third of documentary cut, very stylish in the last times.

Set a budget

Once you are clear about the style you want, it would be time to set a budget, although it is true that it is somewhat complicated. In some wedding planning portals they recommend dedicating at least 10% of the total wedding budget to videography, a figure that we are not going to get into. What we do recommend is that you don’t skimp on the money. Think that it is an unrepeatable day and that good photos will be the best memory of that special date.

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Search with time

The time has come to start looking for the ideal videographer for your wedding videography, something we recommend you do well in advance. Surely you think that it is not something that needs so much time but think that certain videographers may be in high demand. This will force you to hire them well in advance, for example, a year, especially if your ceremony is held on weekends and during the high wedding season (usually the months of June, July and September).

Make a list of favourites

Any source is good to find the possible candidates who finally go to be the chosen one to immortalize your wedding. Once you have done an exhaustive search, it is recommended that you make a list of finalists with the ones you like the most. Your number will depend on you and the style you want for the event, but we would recommend not to go up to ten And the next job would be to investigate more deeply each of the finalist candidates to get to know him better. Starting to see your work well, because it is important not to trust only a few photos that you could see posted on an Instagram account.